Social media marketing has boomed, and social media influencers have an increasing impact on how we look at everything from food and fashion to health and fitness, entertainment, travel, and technology. They are genuinely enthusiastic about products, brands, or causes, and are eager to share it on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Their authenticity resonates with followers in a way that traditional advertising cannot.

Over time, both influencers and organizations have come to realize the potential mutual benefit of their relationships. Influencers may receive financial compensation, free products, experiences, or services, and other benefits in exchange for promoting a company or brand. Organizations, in turn, get a form of grassroots promotion that no advertising agency can generate.

Kevin Toll is a social media influencer attorney who represents content creators who generate income through affiliate marketing or sponsorships, as well as companies who wish to tap into the opportunity to promote their brands through social media marketing.

Hiring a Social Media Influencer Attorney Protects Your Interests

It’s important for influencers and brands to have clarity about the terms of their business relationship. When parties misunderstand their obligations, or have expectations that the other side does not share, it can lead to confusion, conflict, and needless litigation.
Kevin Toll has dedicated his entire career to the practice of internet law, including the business of social media marketing. He works with clients on all social media platforms, protecting their interests through contracts like social media influencer and affiliate marketing agreements.

These contracts define the rights and responsibilities of both the influencer and the brand such as:

  • The form, amount, and timing of payment
  • The type, format, and amount of content created
  • Which platforms content will be posted on
  • Whether the brand has the right to review or approve content before posting
  • Conditions on the use of content
  • Restrictions on the influencer’s ability to work with other companies or brands
  • Intellectual property rights, including ownership and licensing of copyrights.

Clearly defining the terms of these agreements makes it more likely that the business relationship will be a satisfying and productive one for all parties. Kevin also represents influencers, content creators, companies, and brands with respect to affiliate marketing and sponsorships.

Work with a Skilled Attorney for Influencer and Affiliate Marketing Agreements

Kevin Toll is respected not just for his knowledge of internet law and ecommerce, but for his ability to clearly communicate complex legal concepts. Social media marketing law, like other internet law, is changing regularly. Kevin will help you understand your rights under the law, drafting and reviewing agreements in plain English to prevent confusion and possible litigation.

Whether you are an influencer who wants to protect your rights or a company that works with content creators, you can get the most out of the business relationship by working with an experienced social media influencer attorney with a reputation for thoroughness and clarity. Contact Toll PLC to schedule a consultation.