Businesses that operate online collect many kinds of customer data on a regular basis: personal identifying information, account information, financial and payment information, demographic information, even behavioral data. Much of this information is essential to processing transactions and providing the services clients and customers want. It is also valuable to businesses for analytics and targeted marketing.

Users trust websites to keep their personal information safe and not to use it in any unauthorized way. A growing body of state, federal, and international law exists to ensure the safety of that data. Unfortunately, the risk of data theft and other cyber threats is growing too; personal information is as valuable to bad actors as it is to businesses that gather it for legitimate use.

Cybersecurity lawyer Kevin Toll dedicates his entire practice to internet law, including data privacy and related issues. He works with businesses that engage in online commerce and transactions to ensure that the data they collect is safe and that their websites remain in compliance with ever-evolving cybersecurity laws. Contact Toll PLC today to schedule a consultation.

Data Privacy Lawyer for Cybersecurity Issues

Most companies that do business online are knowledgeable about the subject matter of their business, but often lack knowledge of how to comply with laws regarding data collection, data mapping, and cybersecurity. They are also often unprepared to deal with the consequences of data breaches. Kevin Toll helps clients manage these issues so that they can focus on the operation of their business.
Putting his years of experience in law and technology to work, Kevin conducts website audits for clients to identify and correct issues that stem from:

  • Vulnerability in IT systems, such as failures to encrypt sensitive information
  • Lack of understanding of applicable data privacy or retention laws, or failure to adapt to changing regulations
  • Failure to establish and implement policies for data protection
  • Inadequate training of employees that leads to unintended violation of data privacy best practices
  • Lack of control over access to storage of and access to data that leads to mishandling of personal information
  • Collecting, processing, or sharing personal data without obtaining consent
  • Transmitting data to third-party service providers who may have inadequate data protection measures
  • Transferring data across borders without reference to requirements of international data transfer regulations
  • Failure to report data breaches to the proper authorities and to individuals whose data may have been affected.

Companies that fail to protect client data are exposed to legal consequences, including substantial penalties for mishandling customer data or non-compliance with GDPR and other data privacy laws. These violations can lead not only to investigations by regulatory authorities, but private lawsuits. Failure to properly secure data can have far-reaching financial impacts, damage a company’s reputation, and disrupt its business operations—the reason it was gathering data in the first place.

Work with an Experienced Cybersecurity Lawyer

Many companies are unaware that they are not in compliance with the law, or that their data is vulnerable, until it is too late. The potential cost of a data breach or regulatory violation is much higher than the cost of preventing those problems.

Cybersecurity lawyer Kevin Toll has the experience and insight to help companies be proactive regarding their privacy and security. With his exclusive focus on internet law, he understands best practices for data privacy and cybersecurity, and he is attuned to developments in the law that are relevant to his clients’ needs.

Toll PLC helps clients in many industries understand their vulnerabilities and protect sensitive personal data with straightforward, practical legal guidance. To learn more about protecting your business and your clients’ or customers’ information, contact Toll PLC today to schedule a consultation.