Understanding one’s rights and responsibilities is critical to all business relationships, especially those that are internet-based. Internet business lawyer Kevin Toll drafts and reviews agreements for business and individuals transacting business online. He helps ensure that his clients know what to expect from their agreements, and that they are prepared to fulfill their own obligations.

Kevin has spent much of his legal career as a civil litigator, witnessing firsthand the cost of breaches of contract and breakdowns in business relationships. Some disputes are inevitable in business, but Kevin quickly realized that a great deal of conflict and needless expense could be avoided with clear, thorough drafting. He established Toll PLC to offer clients the benefit of his experience and insight. In addition to his litigation background, Kevin understands the complexities of e-commerce, and is committed to drafting agreements in language that is both clear and comprehensive.

Prevent unnecessary disputes over the terms of your internet-based agreements with straightforward guidance that covers all the bases and simply makes sense. Contact Toll PLC today to schedule a consultation.

Legal Services for Internet-Related Businesses

Kevin Toll’s years of litigating contract disputes has made him a more effective drafter; he has firsthand knowledge of what causes agreements to fail, and how to prevent those breakdowns. He takes pride in helping clients protect their interests in a variety of internet-related business contracts, including:

  • Software licensing agreements (SLA)
  • Software as a service (SaaS) subscriptions
  • Terms of Service Agreements (ToS)
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Privacy policies
  • IP and tech-related transactions
  • End-user license agreements (EULA)
  • Service-level agreements (SLA)
  • Technology transfer agreements
  • Software development agreements
  • Open source software agreements
  • Content licensing agreements
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Affiliate marketing agreements
  • Electronic contracts/E-signature
  • Domain name purchase and sale agreements
  • Data processing agreements
  • Cybersecurity agreements
  • Website design agreements

While internet-related business contracts are similar to other contracts in many ways, they are also subject to the rapidly-evolving legal system that deals with the internet—which itself is constantly changing and growing. Unlike many attorneys, internet business lawyer Kevin Toll has cultivated knowledge of this dynamic field and keeps abreast of emerging developments that could affect his clients’ rights. He ensures that the agreements that bind them are drafted not only with clarity, but with an eye to the unique requirements of online transactions.

Protecting Rights Through Ecommerce Agreements

If you run a startup or a small business, you may have something—a product, technology, or service—with the potential to offer you a proprietary advantage over competitors. How you manage that potential advantage could mean the difference between explosive growth for your business, or someone else reaping the benefit of your hard work. Properly-drafted agreements protect your rights in multiple ways, including:

  • Defining the terms and conditions of transactions, including how goods and services will be paid for and delivered
  • Establishing the specifications for services or products
  • Identifying cancellation or return policies
  • Managing the expectations of clients and vendors
  • Limiting liability and managing risk, such as in the event of a service failure or defective product
  • Clarifying ownership rights to intellectual property such as trademarks, copyrights, and patents
  • Defining the process for dispute resolution or the venue for litigation of disputes
  • Specifying the circumstances under which the parties may end their relationship

The outcome of your business relationships depend on the terms of the agreements you enter—and those terms depend on the skill of your attorney.

Work with a Skilled Internet Business Lawyer

It is critical to work with an internet business lawyer who understands not just what is at stake in your transactions, but how to protect you. Attorney Kevin Toll tailors your agreements to comply with all applicable regulations and customizes contracts to address the unique challenges of online business models. As an attorney who focuses almost exclusively on internet law, Kevin remains current with industry best practices. His up-to-date knowledge ensures that the agreements that support your business remain relevant and effective for your needs.

Toll Law, PLC offers clients in a broad range of industries practical legal advice and efficient, cost-effective service. To safeguard your interests and your bottom line, contact Toll PLC today to schedule a consultation.