The initial consultation is an important part of your working relationship with your attorney. Not only does meeting with an attorney allow you to confirm that the attorney has the knowledge and experience needed to address your concerns, but that you are comfortable with the attorney himself. However, the meaning of “initial consultation” varies from law firm to law firm. Some law firms offer a “free initial consultation.” Toll PLC does not, and that deserves some explanation.

The bottom line is that with free consultations, you often get what you pay for. For attorneys, a free consultation may be a good way to get prospective clients in the door, but these consultations are often brief and generic, and sometimes with a staff member rather than an attorney. Individuals and businesses who want to consult with an attorney usually have specific issues they need to address, perhaps on an urgent basis. They may leave a free consultation that doesn’t give them answers feeling frustrated, and without clear next steps.

Our Consultation Process

At Toll PLC, we charge a reasonable fee for an initial consultation. That allows attorney Kevin Toll to set aside sufficient time to focus exclusively on your issues and for you to ask questions. At the end of the meeting, you will know what to expect from representation and have a sense of whether working with Toll PLC is right for you.

If you choose not to work with the firm, you will at least have gained some knowledge about your legal situation and your options. If you do choose to work with Toll PLC, you will have established a good foundation for your working relationship with the firm, and your consultation fee will be rolled into your retainer. We have found that this process allows us to give all prospective clients a meaningful consultation at a good value.

To schedule a consultation with an internet attorney or to learn more about Toll PLC’s services, contact Toll PLC today.